Portuguese girls speak to you with a very romantic language and treat as wonderful as their culture

– Jessie, Boston

Park Guell & Reggae – Park built by Antoni Gaudi of Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

“Best approach to Parc Guell is from the Vallacarca metro station. If not you’ll have to do some serious climbing. If you like reggae music…in Barcelona, there are a lot of dancehalls. 

– Rosi, Kazoe, The World

Backpacking Tips

  • Bring a credit card
  • Only bring what you really need
  • Stay in a hostel with a bar great way to meet other backpackers
  • Look for the cheapest form of public transportation (t-10, all day, multi-zone)
  • Sometimes the cheapest places to stay are the best
  • Bring a set of nice clothes incase you want to go out somewhere nice
  • Have copies of passport, ids and cards in a secure separate place
  • It’s OK to be paranoid, there are thieves
  • Do not be afraid to use a map
  • Have a list of emergency contacts. (family, doctor, bank, airline)